East Asian Music: Japan/China/Korea Net picks

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Kim, Sung Im
A Korean classical pianist.

Liu Fang
Classically trained pipa and guzheng (zheng)soloist.

Moyer, Jeremy
Chinese and Taiwan folk music tunes on the erhu, the two-stringed fiddle.

Nava, Roselle
Bio, discography, photos and lyrics for this singer from the Philippines.

Rock China
An interactive forum in Chinese and English.

An illustrated look at the history behind this traditional Japanese instrument, a vertical bamboo flute.

Tang Chao
A fan page for a major Chinese rock band.

Traditional Korean Instruments
Photos, descriptions, and sounds clips of a variey of Korean instruments.

Unbreakable Spirits
Audio clips from a radio broadcast on China's emerging women musical and performance artists from Beijing, Liaoning Province, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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