Here's an ever-evolving index of useful and/or entertaining Net resources in World Music, organized by category and compiled by hand.

MP3s and Other Sound Files
Listen to your favorite World Music online in MP3 and RealAudio formats.

A series of resources for specific ethnic instruments from around the World, such as the darbuka and doumbek.

World Fusion
World Fusion is music that combines a variety of ethnic influences, rather than just one particular sountry or culture.

Musical festivals from differents parts of the globe. World Music festivals with details on when they are and who is playing.

World Music Concerts
Sites that list concerts for various kinds of music around the World -- when, what, where and how to get there.

World Music Labels
Web sites from international album companies that produce and distribute World Music, including artist lists and online catalogues.

Educational programs, societies, and publications dealing with the social science of Ethnomusicology.

Online Shopping Sources
The best international Internet music dealers, who provide in most cases the only opportunity to own the music discussed on this site.

Links to sites about African music, from traditional tribal gatherings to contemporary World Beat, as well as articles and other resources.

Arabic Music
Music from the Arab world, including Palestinian artists.

East Asian Music: Japan/China/Korea
Resources and information about the music of the Orient, including Japan, China and Korea.

Australian Music
Sounds from Down Under -- bands, instruments, and genres, from Austalia.

Canadian Music
Fiddling, step-dancing, and jigging from Canada's East coast and Canadian ethnic artists from across the country.

Music from the Islands, with dub, soca, reggae and more.

World Music on charts around the world -- what's hot and where it's charting.

En française, links to sites of some of the biggest French stars, bands and artists, as well as general French Music resources.

Music in French and in English from the Canadian province of Quebec.

Germany and Austria
Spricht du Deutsch? Then come see what Germany and Austria have to offer in the way of bands and singer/songwriters.

Greek performers, instruments and songs, as well as general Greek music resources.

Music from the Big Island, with general Hawaiian music links and artist homepages.

Sites about Indian music, covering many traditional and current styles and languages.

Gamelan styles and instruments, from Bali and beyond, as well as Javanese styles.

Iranian and Persian music from both America and the Iran.

Folk, Celtic and step-dancing from the land of Ireland, as well as popular Irish artists.

Traditional and contemporary Italian artists including rock acts and some opera.

Oy Gevalt! Lots of Klezmer links, and popular Israeli and Jewish performers too.

Latin America
The music of Argentina, Brazil, and other countries South of the border.

Alan Lomax
Information and resources about the life and work of ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax.

Native American
Native American music, from traditional pow wows to contemporary artists like Robbie Robertson and Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Portuguese and Fado Music
Fado and much more, here is information on Portuguese artists and some sound files.

Online versions of some of the best World Music magazines in print, and some Internet-only ones too.

Russian and Eastern European Music
Music and artists from various regions of Russia and Eastern Europe, in many different musical styles.

Turkish music, artists and sound files.

Musical resources and artists from Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Spanish Music and Flamenco
Spanish language pop and traditional music, especially flamenco.