Québec Net picks
Music from Quebec, in French and English

A Conversation With Michel Rivard
An interview with legendary Quebec singer/songwriter Michel Rivard.

Richard Séguin
A rare English interview with legendary singer/songwriter Richard Séguin.

La Bottine Souriante
The toe-tapping, traditional sounds of La Bottine Souriante.

The Voyage of Paul Piché
Enduring Québec singer/songwriter releases his first album of all-new material in six years.

Daniel Bélanger in Concert
When one of Québec's hottest singer/songwriters came to my town!

Les Disques Audiogram
A profile of North America's largest independent distributor of French language music.

Québec Chronicles
A virtual tour of Québec's music scene from correspondent Danielle Tremblay.

Amis du Drum Corps Québécois
A site for several marching bands and majorettes, with photos and links.

Beau Dommage
The history and music of "The Beatles of Quebec."

Bélanger, Daniel
One of the hottest contemporary singer/songwriters in Québec.

Bon Vieux Temps, Le
This site provides the lyrics to many well-known Francophone chansons.

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