Indonesia/Gamelan Net picks
Gamelan from Bali and Java

Robert Macht
An interview with an expert in the field of Javanese gamelan.

American Gamelan Institute
Dedicated to the publishing, recording and distribution of the Indonesian performing arts.

AGP Music Indonesia
Association of Indonesian ethnic traditional musicians from Bali, Java and Sumatra as well as other regions.

Bali and Beyond
A multimedia site about the cultures of Indonesia through their music.

Dangdut Bule Band
The first Eurpean Dangdut band, based in Amsterdam.

Gamelan in Bali
A band performing in the Balinese gamelan style.

Gamelan Mitra Kusuma
Balinese Gamelan ensemble based in Washington, DC.

Gamelan Music Groups in North America
A listing of over 75 groups in Canada and the United States.

Gamelan Son of Lion
An ensemble which performs contemporary pieces written for Javanese gamelan instruments.

Indonesian Music
From the University of Manitoba in Canada, a very straight-forward site about Indonesian musical cultures.

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