Caribbean/Reggae Net picks
Music from the Islands: Dub, Soca, Reggae and More

Bob Marley
A brief look at how Bob Marley brought Reggae to the World.

Buena Vista Social Club
A glimpse at the musicians who are featured in the film and album of the same name.

Jean-Michel Daudier
An interview with Haiti's Sunshine Man.

Reggae Savers
The music of Gregory Isaacs, Albert Griffiths and other reggae masters, set at a reasonable price.

Afro-Caribbean Music
A non-commercial site devoted to the promotion of Afro-Caribbean culture through its music.

Barefoot Man
From the Cayman Islands, a performer known for his humerous and risque look at Island life.

Bob Marley Foundation
An entire site dedicated to the father of Reggae music.

Belmol Telfort
Haitian guitarist and conga player.

Music from the Caribbean culture of Costa Rica.

CantoAmerica #2
Another site for the band Canto America.

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