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Ethnomusicology Resources and Educational Programs of Study

Who Wants to Be An Ethnomusicologist?
A fun quiz that will test your World Music knowledge.

Alan Lomax
A short biography of Alan Lomax and his role in the field of Ethnomusicology.

Introduction to Ethnomusicology
An overview of the social science of Ethnomusicology.

Introduction to Ethnomusicology, Part Two
More about Ethnomusicology.

Music and Language
Some reasons to listen to music in other languages; the state of music and language on North American radio in relation to the rest of the world.

What is World Music?
The challenge of defining World Music, and the role of World Music as a cultural and musical phenomenon.

World Music 101
Essays and introductions to various kinds of World Music.

British Forum for Ethnomusicology
Find out about their conferences and newsletter.

British Journal of Ethnomusicology
An annual scholarly journal with articles about music from all parts of the world.

Centre for Ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, this page contains information about the centre's programs and events, sound files, links, and information about the resources the centre has.

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