Rockin' World

Rockin' World is an offshoot of World Music 101.

Never before has World Music been as popular as it is now. Artists considered "mainstream" widely incorporate ethnic instruments into their music, as well as collaborate with popular artists from other countries. Rockin' World is devoted to some of these artists that transcend boundaries of style, language and influences.

Rockin' World
A general overview about how World Music is inching its way into the mainstream with popular acts from other genres borrowing ethnic influences.

Daniel Lanois
A musician, producer and songwriter, Lanois has come a long way since his first studio in his mother's basement.

Paul Simon
This singer/songwriter paved the way for World Music to come into the mainstream and lead other artist to experiment with World sounds.

Peter Gabriel
A former member of the progressive rock band Genesis, Gabriel helped found a World Music label and organization.

Edith Piaf
A profile of the French songbird Edith Piaf.

Arturo Sandoval
A master of the Latin jazz trumpet.

Buena Vista Social Club
A film and best-selling album has made this group of Cuban musicians known to the World.

Máire Brennan
An interview with the Celtic singer/songwriter, who infuses her music with World influences and a deep sense of spirituality.

Bob Marley
A brief look at Bob Marley's life and legend.

Carlos Santana
One man, one guitar and a World of music.