Dateline: January 28, 1998

Tarig Abubakar Ahmed: Feb 4, 1963 - Jan 28, 1998

It is with the greatest regret and the deepest sadness that Amok Artist Agency is to announce the passing of Tarig Abubakar Ahmed due to a tragic automobile accident in his homeland Sudan. Tarig, a man of great musical ability and genuine kindness was the band leader of the best traveled African band Canada has ever seen, the AfroNubians. They had taken their musical talents across Canada 4 times, released 3 cds and just recently completed their much anticipated music video, Hobey Laik.

Tarig was a man of strength and determination, having arrived in Canada virtually penniless he had become his new country's leading world music bandleader. People of many origins had grown to love his band. He had entertained and touched people in his own special way.

Tarig preached peace and harmony in his lyrics and his melodies produced smiles. This is what he wanted most, to see people of all races, together, dancing as one. May his philosophies live on.