Dateline: 08/07/98

Aria is a Persian vocalist who has fused together many styles on his new CD Ceremony of Souls -- European classical, Far-Eastern, Western -- not to mention the varied faiths and backgrounds of the musicians and producers: Persia, Japan, Vietnam, Netherlands, France, Africa, Russia, Poland. While performing in the Persian language, Aria has been forging his musical territory since arriving in North America from Paris in 1984. He is also involved in many charitable causes, all part of his mandate to use music to spread peace and unity throughout the world. I recently asked Aria some questions about his music and causes.

Paula: What is the biggest challenge of performing in the Persian language?

Aria: The biggest challenge in performing in Persian is in the phrasing or extending the words, which we call it TAHRIR. Performing TAHRIR requires years of practices and studying of classical poetry and familiarization with the meaning behind every single word for expressing the maximum emotions and passion hidden inside the words. TAHRIR has been only performed by Persian classical singers in Iran and some Qavali music performer in Pakistan.

Paula: What is the force behind your involvement in so many charitable causes?

Aria: Due to the nature of my writing and composition I always felt the need to share my my compassion for every human being and the nature, therfore for every cause that that somehow would effect anybody or anything, I raised my concern thru the medium of music, poetry and film. The causes that have a direct impact on all living creatures on the earth are the most highlighted one at this point.

Paula: What are your musical influences?

Aria: My musical influences are European classical composers, Blues, Experimental composers and sound designers. In particular Motzart, Beethoven, and contemporary singers such as Andrea Bocelli, stylish vocalist and innovative writers.

Paula: What are your goals as an artist?

Aria: My goals as composer, lyricist and voclist are to explore the new era in composition and poetry and innovative singing. This journey has just began and it has been the most challenging and yet most interesting one. As performer stage is the palace of creativity, interaction and improvisition where I can unify all sorts of energy and celebrate the true and exciting life.

Paula: What was it like working with people from so many varied backgrounds?

Aria: It was great learning experience because I needed to be more understanding and compassionate about everyone's input and creativity plus be more provider and less consumer. I learned how fragile we are and how we can creat love and passionate friendship and relationship. Studio was place to sweep the egotism and lay the beautiful and colorful carpet of creativity and collaboration. at the end I have to thank My executive producers Mr. Samuel Gisser, Mr. Seth Blaustein my musical director and Pianist Mr. Keith Van Wetter plus all other musician whom without the Ceremony of Souls album would not come to fruition.

Graphic used with permission of Aria World Productions.

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