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Italo-Palestinian band. The site is in Italian.

Raine-Reusch, Randy
Member of ASZA and a World Music specialist. Bio, press, activities, instruments, compositions.

Reggae Passover
A project involving the music of the Jewish and African Diaspora, for songs of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Reptile Palace Orchestra
An ensemble of Gypsy and Balkan "lounge funk."

Rhythm Web
General information and links for African, Asian, Brazilian music.

Richard, Zachary
A bilingual official site for the cajun/roots/jazz sensation -- bio, photos, guestbook, news, and discography.

Rinaldi, Pascal
A French male vocalist from Switzerland.

River Saints
Working class rock and blues. Photos, bio, CD ordering information, audio clips.

A group of women percussionists in the SF Bay area.

Shaggy Mane Music
The home of Canadian folk/country singer/songwriter Derek Swain.

Shakallis, Chris
A site about an interesting release based on Tibetan singing bowls and the Pythagorean scale.

Looping drum grooves against and atmospheric background.

Sputnik 7
Interactive streaming video from established and up and coming artists.

Silent Lion
A duo that blends Celtic, Medieval, Bluegrass and Spanish styles.

Simmons, Madi
A performer of funk, blues, reggae and soul

Albanian music meets pop and electronica.

Sweet Adeline International
Women singers promoting barbershop harmony.

Tea Party, The
A Canadian band which fuses Eastern and Western sounds.

Te Vaka
The sounds of Polynesia from a band in New Zealand.

Terre Differenti
New Age, jazz, electronic and World Music from Italy.

Third Planet, The
A fusion of Middle Eastern and European sounds, the page is available in Italian or English.

To An Isle in the Water
Sound clips and ordering information about this album of the poetry of William Butler Yeats set to lush orchestrations.

Turku Eurasian Folk Ensemble
Based in the U.S., this band uses indiginous Middle Eastern instruments and styles.

Urban Rhythm Collective
A percussion-based ensemble incorporating World sounds into their repertoire.

Indian, Russian, Tuvan, Hindi and European cultures and influences come together in this band.

Official home of World Music Charts Europe and of a German page for African music.

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