World Fusion Net picks
World Fusion - Crossing Boundaries of Style, Language and Culture

Sally Oldfield
Sally Oldfield discusses her spiritually-charged music.

Serah talks about the role of music in bridging cultures.

Alla Kadysh
Exotic yet earthy, meet this Canada-based Russian singer/songwriter.

Profile of a band from Vancouver that combines a multitude of instruments with genres.

Boiled in Lead
An exciting and informative interview with Drew Miller of BiL.

Cordes en Folie
An interview with the members of Cordes en Folie, a World Beat trio from Vancouver.

Jim Brickman
An interview with instrumentalist Jim Brickman, who is gaining an international following for his smooth sounds.

Enter the wild and wacky world of Namaste, a World Fusion ensemble from York, PA.

Psychic Enemies Network
World Fusion meets New Age and Jazz -- an interview with this brotherly duo.

Reptile Palace Orchestra
Interview with the "Balkan Lounge Funk" band.

Simply Simon
A profile of Paul Simon and his contribution to World Music.

Peter Gabriel
A former member of the progressive rock band Genesis, Gabriel helped found a World Music label and organization.

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